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-{[...Music Is Love, Love Is Music...]}-

Sing your song...

-{[...Music is love of heart and soul...]}-
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

What not to do:
[x] do not post about your tragic break up.
[x] do not post about your fight at school.
[x] do not post about stupid shit.
[x] no bashing people for the bands they like.
[x] you can not steal peoples lyrics that they have written, or you will be banned.

what to post about:
[x] you can post about bands.
[x] you can promote shows.
[x] you can promote local bands.
[x] you can promote your own bands.
[x] you can talk about the conert you went to last night/week/what ever.
[x] you can post lyrics, and then under cut, or something say why they are inportant to you at that time.
[x] you can post your own lyrics.
[x] you may post pictures under lj cut, by only if they have a lyrical theme to them.(makes it fun)
[x] you can talk about anything music related, your band concert/ choir concert/ something your doing soon that has to do with music.
[x] you may promote communitys under a lj cut, but you have to tell what the community is like under the cut as well.

Member rules:
[x] Not a rating community.
[x] 13 or older.
[x] fill out the application. (you will be judged only on if you have good music taste, and our mature, and the rite material for this community.)
[x] no arguing with mods or members.
[x] dont complain if we say no.
[x] you may retry once after being rejected, after 3 days.
[x] put "love is me, love is music" as your subject title to show you read the rules.

the application
[x]Grade(if still in school):

The Important Stuff:
[x]Name The Bands You Like:
[x]Name The Singers You Like:
[x]Name The Rapers You Like:


[x]Do you do for fun?:
[x]are you interested in?:
[x]Are your hobbies?:
[x]are your likes?:
[x]are your dislikes?:

Opinons: (be serious and thurough)
[x]Gay Marrige:
[x]Self Mutilation:
[x]George Bush:

[x]Promote this community in 3 communits or 3 journals. {provide links}:

If you do photography and such, you can show of your work here, or if you drawl. ( or just put pics of yourself ^_^ its all optional^_^